Let me tell you a story.
Yesterday I was in a bit of a funk. I was tired, the weather was crap and I just didn’t wanna do anything.
The whole day I kept trying to make up excuses to not exercise, but the more excuses I made (I’m too tired, it’s raining, I CBF, etc…) the sillier I felt. I realised that I’m not cheating anyone but myself.
No one is going to discipline me for not training or exercising. But I know that I would have let myself down because of laziness.
So I thought, fuck it. I’m already tired and drained, I’ll just go to boxing class and be done with it.
And you know what? I didn’t die or faint, yes I was extremely tired and sore and exhausted but class made me so pumped and motivated, I absolutely loved it.
So what I’m trying to say is, you can make up as many excuses as you want for not training, but you’re only lying to yourself.
So just do it, you’re never going to regret a workout!

Thanks for reading and happy training


Never compare

I’m a newbie at the gym and I get a little shy and nervous when I’m doing my training. (It’s something that I need to work on)
It could be anything from running, doings weights to jump rope, I always try to find a little corner where I could possible hide and not be seen by others.
Today was a little difficult, there were a lot of people at the gym, so finding my little corner was impossible.
But I didn’t want to let my fear ruin my work out, so I just got on with it.
I took out my jump rope and skipped in the middle of the gym. A little nervous because I felt like people were judging me and thinking to themselves, ‘oh that girl looks silly, she can’t skip’
BUT what happened next, took me by surprise, one of the guys training near by said to his trainer ‘I wish I could skip like that…’
I guess in a way, it made me feel more confident and realised that I should never try to compare myself with others.
I should just do my own thing and go by my own pace. I don’t need to be the fastest or strongest, as long as I’m doing it!

Thanks for reading and happy training!