It’s not worth it

You know what I hate…?
I HATE CRAVINGS. I always get these cravings for bad food. I’m lucky I’m not addicted to soft drink, or that would just be another thing I need to overcome.

My vices are: chocolate; lollies; fried food; crisp; tim tams and cake x 10000000 (I really like cake).

I’ve been finding it hard to control these cravings and going cold turkey on them. I’ve found that when I do quit suddenly, I end up bingeing more down the track.

A way that works for me is that I don’t cut these food out completely, however I can’t just eat as much as I want, whenever I want anymore.
I have set a limit for myself with how much I can have and that way, I find I don’t go crazy and binge.

I’ve noticed that because I don’t eat as much of these food as I used to, the cravings have started to died down a bit. It’s still haunting me, but I find that I don’t crave as much as I used to!
So it is true, the less of these food you eat, the less likely you’ll crave for them.

I just hope that one day I will no longer crave for them at all!

Also, if you slip up and binge, don’t give up. Get back on the wagon the following day. One bad day should not stop you from achieving your goals. Get back on it!

Thanks for reading and happy training!



8 thoughts on “It’s not worth it

  1. Hey Miss Piggy, I used to be a sweet tooth and ate chocolate multiple times daily. Now I prefer salty stuff and I *adore* chips. For that reason I don’t buy them. If I’m at a party I do my best to avoid them coz if I have one I’ll have 1000 – just easier to avoid them. And it is true – the less you eat it the less you want it. Stay strong!

    • I just read that article and it’s so true! Office food/snacks/cakes are a killer!
      At my work place, they always have sweets in the kitchen, it’s so tempting! =(
      I just try to avoid it in general so that I wont tempt myself!

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