Handstand dream

I dream to be able to do this one day. It just looks so amazing.

Source: imgfave.com 

(Damn my weak upper body strength. Something I must work on…)


12 thoughts on “Handstand dream

  1. my yoga teacher have been pushing me to strengthen my arms… i will be so proud if one day i can do this pose. you’re not alone… we can do it! 🙂

  2. I did an assisted handstand at yoga once (ie, help to get my legs up against a wall). I only stayed up under my own steam for a few seconds but it was the best feeling. I felt great all day afterwards.

  3. I tell ya… START WITH A WALL and it’s EASY! From there you will gain strength and balance to hold it from not just your arms, but your core strength and center… The other trick is do not move your gaze from between your arms- stare at the floor between them. Hope that helps! I have other suggestions if you would like them 🙂 I love yoga and practicing inversions are so fun!

    • Thanks for your tips, they’re great!! I would love to hear your other suggestions! I’m a newbie at yoga, so I don’t know that many tricks myself, I’ve just been working on building strength and breathing properly.

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