In yoga class yesterday I attempted to do the crow pose, which only resulted in me falling face forward towards the mat. Epic fail I tell you.
But you know what that means. I MUST TRY HARDER! Just because I failed at something, doesn’t mean I will be give up. I see it as an opportunity for me to try harder and be better.
Wish me luck!

Have you tried the crow pose before? How did you go? Let me know your tips and hints.

Thanks for reading and happy training



5 thoughts on “CROW POSE

  1. Give the crane pose a go, it’s much easier as you tuck in the knees behind the armpits where they usually stay in place, whereas they tend to slide down in crow. Then reach forward with the head, lengthening the spine (MUCH more forward than you think – we tend not to do this out of fear to break our noses!) and you’ll take off 🙂 Enjoy!


    PS: A pillow in front of you on the floor might help. Not that you need it, it’s all just psychology 😉

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