I’m a newbie to health and fitness and I know that I have A LOT to learn, like A LOT. Even though I always thought I knew a fair bit about it (from my surroundings, people, school etc), turns out, most of it’s wrong.
That got me thinking, if I was so wrong, there must have been others out there that are just as clueless as I am…
So I’m just here, writing these posts about the things that I find out along the way, you may already know or you might learn something new (thats always exciting isn’t it!?)
This blog is here to motivate and inspire me to be a healthier and better version of myself.
I’m not saying its going to be easy, actually it’ll be the total opposite, it’s going to be hard, very very hard.
But I believe every journey starts with a single step and the will to make it happen.
So I’ll just take it day by day, I know there will be times where I’ll fall off the wagon, but I’ll just brush myself off and keep going. There’s no point in punishing myself for the mistakes made along the way.
So wish me luck on this journey that I’m about to abroad and come for the ride.

(You can read about my motivation for change here)

I’m always open to suggestions and feedback.
You can contact me via commenting below or email me at misspiggielovestoeat(at)hotmail.com

Thanks for reading and happy training!


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